Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Design, New Look

The law of entropy governs us right from the time we are born. Its the constant change which has lead human life on a flight of imagination. The flight of imagination coupled with the struggle for existence resulted in the survival of the fittest.

Its with this hope of imagination, I decided to re-invent the blog. The blog in the new shape draws on my experiences from two other social platforms - Twitter and Pinterest.

Before we dwell on Twitter and what I have here, lets dive into Pinterest. I have lately started loving Pinterest and what it has to offer. Pinterest as the name suggests uses Pins (Images and Videos) and creates an individuals personal collection - a Pinboard. You will see my pinboard and what caught my eye in the recent weeks. All sorts of stuff on Design, Health and Yoga, Architecture and definitely Travel. Yoga poses and Travel destinations are my favorite :)

Now to Twitter. I have added multiple elements from my Twitter handle and each begs a special mention. There are two widgets which provide my twitter feed based on two lists I maintain. One is from the list of "Brilliant Thinkers on the Planet". The second one is from the list of "Influential Folks from the Tech World". Interesting perspectives from a lot of smart people. 

I have also added a feed from my digital edition of "All Things Retail" You will encounter a lot of interesting news items, videos, links and studies on the consumer industry. 'Retail' is at the heart of what I do professionally and this is an extension of that. More around consumer centricity and seamless experiences in the subsequent blog.

Over n Out.

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